I started making Vintage fabric flowers about 5 years ago after spending a weekend next to a lady who made beautiful flowers from Harris tweed to adorn the hats she also made , if you are a crafter you will appreciate my thoughts  ,but spending a weekend lusting after this flower I thought " I can make that ! "
I started with some leftover fabric I had at home and picked up a couple of scarves from a charity shop to experiment with , the first one was a little lopsided and took me 2hrs to make but on the whole I was very pleased with my attempt.
I now use a mix of new and vintage fabrics and I either seed bead the centre or used glass and crystal cabochon (which I also make) I keep an eye on fashion colours for each season, and made a range of sizes, to suit how flamboyant you're feeling!
Each flower has a back that is both pin and clip so it has 2 wearable options for clothes or hair.
I have sent several overseas as bridal hair accessories.

I will add individual flowers into my Boutique shop every time a make a fresh batch.